Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rites of Passage

This past week has been quite memorable. Maybe not in the same realm as baptism, being called as a missionary, or going to the temple, but our family experienced some important events.

Let me digress and name my family:
My wife: Goodlookin'
Oldest son: Bear
Flyboy's wife: Photogirl
Oldest daughter: Miss Priss
Youngest daughter: Kiddo
Kiddo's hubby: Red-Tux
Youngest son: Scooter

Now back to memorable events. In chronicological order:
A week ago Saturday, Scooter received his Eagle Scout Award.
This week, Goodlookin' and I celebrated our 24th anniversary.
This last Saturday, Kiddo graduated from college.

As Goodlookin and I were driving back home last night, we talked about the events we have experienced as a family. I continued thinking about these and other events during the drive. It helped me to understand the importance of families. These events may not be crucial to our eternal salvation, but they could be. These more normal events also are the kinds of occurances which shape us. They are the kind of goals which motivate us to do better, to stretch and strive to improve ourselves, and to work to accomplish a difficult task.

When I think about marriages of our children, graduations, and other accomplishments. I believe that Heavenly Father wants us to work to grow and improve ourselves in normal, daily, seemingly non-eternal ways because it makes us better as people, as children of our Heavenly Father.

All three of these events represent a lot of work and effort to accomplish. None of them were completed in a few hours, days, or even months. It required years of work, sacrifice, tears and joy in order for these events to occur. We celebrate the accomplishment, but really, we are celebrating all the work and effort behind the accomplishment.


  1. Congrats bro!!! That is quite the week!!!

    I also enjoyed your thoughts on it all. Truly those things do motivate us to do better, stretch and strive to improve ourselves. I just wish the feeling wasn't frequently so fleeting!

    Love ya!

  2. Very nice: but I've a question: Is your oldest "Bear" Or "Flyboy"? Cause ya named him "Bear" but then said Photogirl was "flyboy's" wife!

  3. Hey bro.. so glad I heard about your blog. I enjoy your insight into those moments in our life, which shape us and make us what we are, while seen in the "day to day" focus as rather normal.

  4. Wow!! that is very insitful, thanks for sharing your wisdom, it is amasing to me to look back and see he wisdom in the journey that brings us to where we are, maybe we will someday truly see ourselves as He sees us! Hugs

  5. Well I just found out about this blog. I should have checked sooner, but since I hadn't seen any comments from you, it didn't dawn on me. Anyway, you are pretty profound, and I loved reading your thoughts. Hope you write more soon love you all so much!!!!!