Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here we go...

I guess this is how it starts. I was talking to one of my sisters yesterday, and she pointed me to a blog my parents are doing. I read that blog, and found some blogs by some of my sisters. So far, I have found 4 sisters who blog.

Inspired by my family's literary prowness, I decided to give it a shot. I will admit, I would feel more comfortable explaining how to solve quadratic equations, and I have forgotten how to do that in the 20+ years (yikes!) since I left college.

I am impressed with ability my mother and sisters have. The creativity, insight, and ability they have to make normal everyday life interesting to read is amazing. Not sure how I fit into this, since I am more the engineering type, who am prone to short, noncreative notes and sentences.

Maybe I am doing this because I have felt in recent history a need to connect with my family more. I have lived a long way from my family since 1985 (except for 8 months when my youngest sister stayed with us). It was really cool to read the postings my family members have put up. I got to know each of them better from the observations, thoughts, feelings, or even silly meanderings. Maybe they will get to know me better too. Of course, that exposes the fear I have... I will have to actually open up and share ME with the world.


  1. Hey Bro!!!! Welcome to the bloggin world!!! I feel the same way. I've gotten to know Laree through her blog and it's been a wonderful surprise!!

    I too, feel a need to connect more with my family, and although I continually tell my self that I'm going to call more, it's never happened, but I do keep close tabs on my bloggin sis's.

    You have always been one of my heros. You don't need to say anything profound, or funny in your blog. As long as it comes from you, we'll be interested and will enjoy reading it.

    PS. LOVE the name of your blog!!

  2. I signed up to follow your blog and I dont' know why my picture is there twice. If you have any suggestions to get rid of one of the pictures, let me know.

  3. Yeah! This makes me happy! I feel so out of the loop since I moved back home. Love you, and I look forward to reading your blog. Welcome, Bro!

  4. I'm so happy you're doing this! Don't worry about writing stuff - I sound like a babbling idiot all the time!

    I love getting to know my family in this new way - it really gives a great look at some personal thoughts/ideas/craziness. Welcome!

  5. I'm so glad I can keep better tabs on your life! Yea for blogs! I have one, but it's a classroom blog, so it's private and only available to my students and their parents. I really don't feel like my everyday life is interesting enough for blogging. I'm excited to read about your life though!

  6. As kids we were not always on really friendly terms (sorry), I am so glad that as we got older things work themselves out, I really wanted my first child to be a boy, cause I want my daughter to have a great big brother like I had, I guess that deep down I have always had great love and respect for who you are, even if as a kid I had no idea how to express it, I really am a poor typist, maybe in time I will improve enough to start my own blog!!Hugs